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Vinegar (sour wine), the French 'vin aigre', is a product obtained by the action of the acetic bacteria on a hydro alcoholic blending. You can produce vinegar from any food that ferments alcohol. That is why there are apple, sugar-beet, rice vinegars and, of course, wine vinegars. In the case of sherry vinegar the acetification takes place exclusively in the wines of Jerez, either in non-fortified year wines or during the ageing process of the sherry wines.

The secret of the uniqueness and extraordinary quality of sherry vinegar lies in its distinguished origin. Sherry vinegar acquires its unique personality from Sherry wines, noble wines par excellence, inheriting thus sherry wines unbeatable qualities and subtleties. It is, therefore the region known as Marco de Jerez, where these unique wines are produced which is also the place of origin of the sherry vinegar.

There are three types of Sherry vinegar:

Sherry Vinegar: (Between six months and two years of ageing)

Reserva Sherry Vinegar: (Between two and ten years of ageing)

Gran Reserva Sherry Vinegar: (More than ten years of ageing)

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