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The wines of Jerez and Manzanilla of Sanlúcar result in a remarkable range of colours, aromas, sensations and possibilities. Its traditional, unique development and ageing process of (criaderas y soleras) together with its rich, long and brilliant history are synonyms for quality and prestige. The biological, oxidative or mixed nature of its ageing process, result in these wines acquiring different chromatic shades, from very pale straw-like yellow to rich- dark mahogany. Meanwhile, the use of 'blending or mixing"' (cabeceo) with natural sweet wines can make dry wines, such as finos, amontillados or olorosos, obtain varying degrees of sweetness. Because of this general character, there are the following types of Jerez wines: The full-bodied or vinous wines, which include fino, amontillado, oloroso and palo cortado; the full-bodied liqueur wines, including pale cream, medium and cream; and the natural sweet wines, such as: Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel. Special mention ought to be given to Manzanilla: biologically aged wines protected by the Manzanilla de Sanlucar de Barrameda D.O

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