Sherry Vinegar

Vinegar (from the French ‘vin aigre’) is obtained from acetic acid bacteria interacting with an aqueous alcoholic solution. Actually, vinegar can be made from any fermented foodstuff; for instance, from apples, beetroot or rice. In Sherry Vinegar, acetification takes place solely with Sherry Wines, either unfortified young wine or with older, aged wines.

The real secret behind the singular features and extraordinary quality of Sherry Vinegar is definitely its distinctive origin. Made exclusively from the noblest of wines, Sherry, it has the incomparable nuances and quality that Sherry Wine brings to it. The Jerez Region is the only place where Sherry Vinegar can be produced.

There are three types of Sherry Vinegar, depending on the length of time it is aged: Sherry Vinegar (aged from 6 months to 2 years), Reserva Sherry Vinegar (aged from 2 to10 years) and Gran Reserva Sherry Vinegar (aged for over 10 years).

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