Nuestros órganos de Gobierno

General Assembly

It is the sovereign body of the Federation. It is constituted by the federated Associations and companies directly associated to Fedejerez.

Executive Committee

It is the body in charge of the direction, government and administration of the Federation.

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D. Evaristo Babé

The President of the Federation is the natural person who holds the highest personal rank of the Federation. His/her position is eminently executive and he/she is responsible for representing the Federation and adopting the necessary decisions for the fulfillment of the Federation's objectives within the guidelines agreed upon by the General Assembly and other governing bodies of the Federation.

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Ms. Patricia de la Puerta

He/she shall exercise, by delegation of the President, the ordinary management of the Federation, the management of personnel and the control of the accounting, technical and administrative services of the Federation. The position of Secretary General shall be compatible with any other position in the Federation, whether executive, technical or administrative.

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Ms. Susana López de la Calle

Working Committees

Technical Commission

Technical Commission

Responsible for analyzing all draft legislation that may affect the industry.
Taxation Commission

Taxation Commission

It analyzes all tax issues related to the sector, given the importance of the tax contribution of its companies.
Labor Affairs Committee

Labor Affairs Committee

Responsible for addressing all human resources aspects of the companies, including the negotiation and monitoring of the industry's Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Commercial and Marketing Commission

Commercial and Marketing Commission

Responsible for the design, development and follow-up of national and international communication campaigns.
Administration and Finance Committee

Administration and Finance Committee

It is responsible for the control of the Federation's budgets.
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Integrated partnerships


Federation of Wine Companies of the Jerez Sherry Region


Association of Sherry Production and Aging Companies of the Marco de Jerez Sherry Region


Association of Breeders and Exporters of Sherry


Association of Artisans of Sherry and Manzanilla Wines of Sanlúcar de Sanlúcar.


Association of Distillers Users of Distilled Spirits and Wine Spirits


Association of Spirits Manufacturers Association


Association of Sherry Vinegar Production, Aging and Exporting Companies

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